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Reputation Will Highlight Your Full Potential


Being aware of your Reputation will make a profound impact on your professional future. In business and work life your Reputation is your most important currency and it highlights your full potential. Why settle for less? People will work with you, buy from you and invest in you based upon your Reputation and no single strategy will have the same impact on your economy than this. A crucial success factor is the expectations that are closely tied to your reputation and the combination of the two will make a magnificent marketing tool.

When hiring today we are looking for potential and it´s at the same time the one thing that we don´t promote, spending so much time on history and track-record. Who do we choose for a project, to do business with or hire for a job? A person who has done great things in the past – or a person that we expect to have the potential of doing great things in the year(s) to come? Unanimous research from Stanford University and Harvard Business School shows that we are much more impressed by potential than by track record. Heidi Grant Halvorsen writes about this research in Harvard Business Review:

People are much more impressed by your potential than by your track record. It would be wise to start focusing your pitch on your future, as an individual or as a company, rather than on your past — even if that past is very impressive indeed

The greatest challenge for consultants, entrepreneurs and leaders today is to fully communicate their potential and reputation to clients, employers, investors and interesting talents.

For a couple of years now we have developed and worked with a Reputation Resumé based on the key factors showing your full potential. It combines your perceived strengths and unique qualities of your reputation – all the soft skills that effectuate results – with what the clients can expect from you. Then add a track record in form of a link to your LinkedIn profile. Your full potential to be read in 30 seconds

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