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Your Single Best Piece of Business Advise Ever.

Magdalena PT Smile kopia

One of our clients Magdalena Bibik wrote the above headline in her blog and of course, this made me feel both proud and humble. She has previously even called me a PT for her brain. Magdalena dramatically changed her career and went into business after having completed our process of analyzing and developing her Professional Reputation four years ago.

Magdalena is now bringing her companies together into Bibik Enterprises and I´m totally convinced of her future success. She went through the same process again a couple of months ago to see how her reputation has developed over the years.

Her new tagline, which is a part of the report she gets is: ”With her unique passion for business, Magdalena is dedicated to delivering with excellence – Bibik style”. This is not what she is saying about herself, it’s her reputation – what her professional surroundings are saying about her – compressed into one sentence. It also signals the expectations that her reputation opens up. Who wouldn’t like to hire her.

You will find more about Magdalena Bibik and Bibik Enterprises here.

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