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Three questions that are vital to your reputation

file0001375756159I have always liked the elegance of simplicity. If you just consider and work on these three questions, they will have a vital impact on your reputation and on your success as an individual.

Do you know your reputation as of now. The truth is always in the eyes of the beholder. Here you will get the whole package of the key factors that create your reputation and is also vital for effectuating results. To be aware of your reputation is the starting point of a very exciting process that will bring you into new possibilities.

What expectations will your reputation and potential arise with your customers and what expectations do you want to create? This is what your customers are buying from you, so it’s time to switch perspectives and mindset from promoting historical facts to what you van accomplish in the near future. Reputation and expectation is a golden combination when it comes to individual marketing. When you know your reputation, this will take a completely new hight.

What is your next big thing in your own professional life? What do you want to accomplish the next 1-3 years? This will affect your reputation and prevent you from ending up in the stagnation trap. In this question also lies what you want to stop doing to be able to focus and be so good that they can’t ignore you. Three management icons – Tom Peters, Seth Godin and Jim Collins have one thing in common when they say: “The secret to high performance among individuals is deciding what not to do”. 

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