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Let’s talk about Reputation in London

file1601270417490One of our “Let’s talk about reputation” was launched together with Barry O’Brien in London yesterday. The general idea is to get 8-10 people together in a room and for a couple of hours to discuss the vital importance of reputation. Of course, I take the opportunity to introduce our way of thinking about reputation on an individual level and it should be the theme running through the discussions – and how it in different ways will affect the corporate reputation. There is a lot of money at stake here.

My goal, besides spreading our message is to listen and learn from people with experience in bildother fields of reputation and see what turns up. Yesterday we met people with experience from different lines of Reputation management online and experiences from being CEO’s. We also met LinkedIn experts and we really got some great discussions going and our Reputation Resumé attracted some great interest.

Thank you Barry and all the rest of you who joined me for this discussion. Next time will be in Stockholm.

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