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Take your LinkedIn profile from history to the important future

file0001722644561Research from Stanford University and Harvard Business School points to the fact that your potential for the future and desire to make your customers successful is much more important than your history. What your clients buy is the expectation that you arise with your experience, ambition, strengths and unique qualities. They buy You, Your reputation and Potential for the future.

Much of your LinkedIn profile is built on history and however important that is, it is what you want to and can accomplish in the future that is what matters to your clients. If you have analyzed and know the strengths of your professional reputation, the expectations that you want to arise with your clients can take a new and exciting hight.

Where can you put this on your LinkedIn profile? Personally I use the Summery since it comes directly under the head of your profile. To me that is the most interesting part to read. You can look at my LinkedIn profile at to see how I have done

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