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Be famous for what you haven’t done yet

IMG_1088This was also the headline in the Swedish newspaper Metro after an interview with me and the entrepreneur Kristina Närman about her professional reputation. She had combined her reputation with a description of what she wants to accomplish for her customers in the future. There is a power in expectations and the combination creates an almost magical marketing tool.

To describe how you can make your customers successful is a very interesting, natural and effective strategy. If you can back this up with your reputation, potential and will to succeed, you can actually be famous for what you haven’t done yet. This will also add even more value to your reputation – if it is followed up by action. What would have happened if the iPhone hadn’t been released after the expectation they built around it?

The greatest challenge for consultants, entrepreneurs and leaders is to communicate their value and this is not that effective just by promoting yourself.

The “secret” is of course to get people to talk about you and the value that they expect you can add in the year to come. You will get what Seth Godin calls ”sneezers” – people who will spread your message.

The picture above  is taken by Malin Frykman in Terricciola, Italy.

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