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Three questions that will determine your reputation.

file7121342400901I have always liked the elegance of simplicity. I would say that there are three questions that are crucial for developing your reputation as an individual with the potential of determining your professional future.

Are you aware of all the parts of your reputation as an individual? It is your most valuable possession and most highly valued asset. It’s the one thing that everything in your career or business life revolves around.

Which expectations do you, your reputation and potential create among your clients or colleagues? It is time to change your mindset from promoting just historical facts to potential, the results you can accomplish for your clients and your determination to succeed. What can your clients expect from you?

What do you want to stop doing? Tom Peters, Seth Godin and Jim Collins, all management- and marketing icons have one thing in common when they say: “The secret to high performance among individuals is deciding what not to do.” It´s that simple – and that hard.

These are three extremely important questions that we so seldom ask ourselves

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