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The Reputation Resume

file0001780836836I have been asked so many questions about the Reputation Resume since we launched it a a couple of years ago – and we see exciting results. This is  the document we use to promote your reputation and potential – it puts your will to succeed in the future before what you have done in the past. In an article in Forbes Magazine they challenged the traditional CV by saying: “In 2013, the traditional resume will be replaced by the breadth and depth of your professional reputation”.

Your reputation is your most valuable and highly valued possession and it shows your perceived expertise, talents, strengths and unique qualities. It combines this with the expectations you arise – the things you want to accomplish for your customers, clients or employer in the next 12 months. To this we add your track record in form of your LinkedIn-profile. This will be a magnificent marketing tool that could be read in 30 seconds.

The Reputation Resume is also a perfect consultant presentation or can be used as a ”Pre-meeting document”. When you are about to meet with a new important possible customer, you can update her with this document a couple of days ahead. I assure you it will be an interesting meeting.

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