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To stand out as unique

file4621259605157Jerome De Flander writes in his book The Execution Shortcut that strategy is not about being the best, but being unique. Even if he is discussing the company perspectives, I think this is very exciting, and something to consider on an individual level.

In a previous blog, I wrote about my ambition to be the best, but this really got me thinking.  What I was describing was my ambition, what I want to accomplish every day, and that ambition is still there. But – to be the best is a matter of comparing – and comparing to whom and what?

What will happen if I change perspectives and just live my tagline and reputation that says: ”Considered a pioneer in his field, Per takes your professional reputation to a new dimension and challenges you to stand out as unique”

My main goal is delivering unique value with Your Professional Reputation, and above all – I want to challenge you to stand out as unique. By knowing your professional reputation you have every possibility.

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