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Stories are more powerful than brands

charmaineswart_s_280Once more I lean on a quotation from Tom Peters. ”Stories are more powerful than brands – and the best story wins”. This also goes for you as an individual – your professional reputation is your story that you bring to the world. No data-based test in the world can ever replace that.

Stories are immensely valuable and probably one of the most underestimated business strategies today. Our great challenge as individuals is to communicate our value and facts only work after the emotional connection. You need something that appeals to our feelings – inspiration is pure magic. At the same time, it is not enough just to tell a good story, you have to be one, but today it’s not enough to be a good story – you have to be able to tell it in a way that catches attention.

By the way – are you a storyteller and/or a storymaker.

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