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History – or let’s go out and make history

file5511311905470After one of my lectures, a couple of years ago an American came up to me and said: ”There is a huge difference between the US and Sweden. When you think of the word history, you think of the past – in the US we say – let’s go out and make history”.

This episode came back to me just recently when I have been writing about Your professional reputation and potential. Because this is relevant when we promote ourselves as consultants, entrepreneurs or leaders – we present only our history. At the same time, all research points to the fact that the important thing is what we can accomplish in the future. Potential is more effective than experience. Your Next Big Thing in more important than all your big things in the past, however big they are.

Let us start to focus on what we can accomplish – our potential, not what we have done. Besides it is more exciting for everyone, including yourself. So let’s go out and make history.

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