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Potential for greatness

IMAG0146Seth Godin writes in the introduction to one of his books: ”To be the best in the world is greatly underrated”. This may seem a bit strange, but to me it´s about having an ambition that constantly affects what I am doing every day. Of course to be the best in the world  can´t  be measured, besides I will probably never reach it, but it is hell of an ambition to have when you wake up every morning. It is FUN and it makes me challenge the average and focus on one distinct and small area where I have the potential to be the best. It is where my talents, passion and ambition join forces – to me it is with our concept Your professional reputation.

Obviously it is very good to have talents, but unfortunately this is not enough because it´s your ambition that will take you all the way. Everybody wants to be good at something, but how many are willing to sacrifice time and money to be really, really good?

Of course this is a vital part of your professional reputation – it´s your potential – what you can and want to accomplish this year.

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