What Is Your Real Potential?

Have you ever considered what your real potential is? The bottom line is that it’s your willingness to build on your perceived strengths, taking som risks, going after something great […]


Your Professional DNA

Stories are considered by many to be more powerful than brands. This is also true for you as an individual since your reputation is your professional DNA and the story […]


Flying With A Trained Pilot

People keep asking me about the balance between expertise, experience and ”soft skills” when it comes to reputation. When I fly I prefer to fly with a trained pilot and […]


The Reputation Incubator™

We’re living in a reputation-based economy with opportunities never seen before. Let’s face it, people will buy from you, hire you or invest in you based on your reputation and […]


Building Reputation Instead Of A Resumé

This is a time when reputation and expectation rule the market and everything revolves around it. We are in the middle of a mind-shift that takes us from promoting history […]


Cracking the Code Of Being Hired.

What main key factors get you hired for an interesting assignment and project as a consultant or entrepreneur? Or hired for a job? We know that everything in your business […]


Go For The Jockey

After having a couple of really interesting meetings in Stockholm that might lead to new collaborations, I flew down to Tuscany where I have put me and the computer outside the […]


Moving My Office To Tuscany.

It’s time to move my computer = office to Tuscany for the next ten days. With a new and beautiful environment, exciting ideas will be created and I can work […]


Expanding Your Reputation – How It Works

Today, almost everyone understands how crucial their professional reputation is for their success. Yet surprisingly few are aware of what it looks like or the opportunities that it opens up. […]


Expectation Is Da Shit

Since my business is in a constant Beta Mode, I have the last few weeks been considering what makes your Reputation so important – what behaviors does it trigger among […]