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The Story You Bring To The World.

Management icon Tom Peters wrote in a tweet: ”Stories are more powerful than brands – and the best story wins”. This is also true for you as an individual and […]


Let Your Name Carry Your Reputation.

A question discussed today is if you as en entrepreneur or consultant should act under your own name or under a company name. It’s an interesting question since the importance […]


You Are Your Reputation.

Your reputation always walks ahead of you and as a consultant, freelancer and entrepreneur, you ARE your reputation. Everything in your business life revolves around it. Today there are completely […]



There are many answers to the question what will make you remarkable today. You would probably get as many answers as people you talk to. To me the key is […]


Crisis Management Is Always Too Late.

There is a scandal going on in one of the biggest unions in Sweden with possible implications for the Foreign Minister. Crises- and PR consultants are being called in or […]


The CV – A Relic From The Past?

There are a lot of discussions going on about how effective a CV is today and many experts even say that it’s dead – and I agree, it’s kind of […]


Let’s Talk About Reputation In Dublin

I’m right now preparing my part in ”Let’s Talk About Reputation” that will be organized by Modig Corporate Services Ltd. in Dublin on January 20th. We will look into the […]


The Reason Why You’re Being Hired.

The most important part of my work with reputation is creating a buzz around the real reason why you are being hired as an entrepreneur and consultant. This is not […]


If You Dig It, Gig It.

Even if we can’t predict the future, I find it very interesting to read about business trends and above all look at the possibilities that are hidden in them. In […]


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