Personal Branding Or Building Reputation?

I’m often asked about the difference between personal branding and reputation and I actually think that they are two different species. If you think about developing yourself as a brand, […]


Are Your Strengths Just Buzzwords?

On thing that constantly surprises me is that we have such a hard time accepting and introducing our strengths and that some call them even buzzwords. At the same time […]


What Would The Beta Version Of You Be?

After the last piece I wrote about Releasing The Beta Version Of Yourself, I got some interesting questions and emails. What I wrote was that many computer programs and apps […]


Reputation & Potential

We see huge changes when it comes to who your clients are listening to and choose. We are heading from experience to potential, from history to future. What we used […]


There Is An Ongoing Reputation Revolution

Your professional reputation and the expectations and trust that it opens up with your customers, clients and employer has the potential of changing your professional life. It’s remarkable that it’s […]


Let’s talk about Reputation in London

One of our “Let’s talk about reputation” was launched together with Barry O’Brien in London yesterday. The general idea is to get 8-10 people together in a room and for […]