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The Story You Bring To The World.

Management icon Tom Peters wrote in a tweet: ”Stories are more powerful than brands – and the best story wins”. This is also true for you as an individual and […]


Crazy About The Future

Many people that I meet have no problems telling me what great projects they have done in the past. But, when I ask about what can be expected from them […]


The Reputation Tragedy.

Since your reputation sets the level of the expectations that your clients and colleagues have of what you can accomplish and how you will do it, it’s kind of a […]


Great People Don’t Have A Resumé

Marketing icon, Seth Godin wrote a while back in his blog: “I think if you’re remarkable, amazing or just plain spectacular, you probably shouldn’t have a resume at all” The exciting […]

SIME - jpg


SIME HR is coming close and I am really proud to have been asked to participate and to be among so many exciting people. The focus this year will be […]


Reputation Resumé

I’ve been working with many consultants and seen the huge potential to be visible in new and effective ways. It’s a new mind set realizing that what your clients are […]


To Step Out Of My Comfort Zone

I stepped out of my own comfort zone10 years ago to be on the edge exploring the area of Reputation and all the huge possibilities that it opens up. Driven […]


I love working with entrepreneurs

I must admit that I love working with entrepreneurs. Many see things as they are, but entrepreneurs see things as they could be. You often meet them ‘on the edge’ […]



I’m deeply impressed by Simon Sinek’s thesis that you should always start with Why before you go into the What and How you do it. Of course, this is also […]


A Reputation Resumé Takes Care Of It All.

A couple of months ago you could read the headline in MIT Technical Review ”Your Reputation is Your Resumé”. Just a few days ago Leslie Gaines-Ross, expert on Reputation wrote […]


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