Den nya rekryteringen


Idag börjar många företag att rekrytera efter helt nya parametrar och t.ex Google pratar om att expertrollen inte är självklar. Idag sker utvecklingen snabbt och utan en ständig nyfikenhet blir den främste expert stillastående och stagnerar i gammal kunskap. Den genuint nyfikne kan också se helt nya kreativa vägar som i samarbete med experter kan skapa det unika. Istället för en fast och statiskt expertroll, så kommer man att vid behov kliva fram, ta ett ledarskap under en del av ett projekt för att sedan kliva tillbaka. Resultatet är i fokus, inte det egna egot.

Reputation and Potential


One thing that has been on my mind the last few years is how your potential can be tracked by analyzing the key factors of your professional reputation.

The really interesting thing about your potential is that it’s not only how good you are, it’s how good you want to be. It’s about your destination for the future, your next big thing. The key factor here is combining the unique strengths of your reputation with considering what can be expected from you. Realizing your potential will give you the courage to take a major leaps forward.

Never better than your next project.


With today’s focus on our potential for the future, it’s time to get rid of the myth that you are never better than your last project. Replace it with – You are never better than your next project – which to me is a greater challenge. Kristian Borglund had the following headline in Metro after an interview: “Be famous for what you haven’t done – yet”.

It was expectations that made millions of people queueing up for the first iPhone before they had even seen it. Even if you don’t get millions of people queueing up for your services, consider what they can expect from you

Reputation Resumé


I’ve been working with many consultants and seen the huge potential to be visible in new and effective ways. It’s a new mind set realizing that what your clients are buying is your potential to create results.

So instead of just introducing what you have accomplished before your should put forward your potential in the form of your perceived expertise, your reputation and what your potential client can expect from you.

My experience working with the Reputation Resumé, that combines these key factors, is that it gives you the possibility of attracting new interesting and profitable clients.

To Step Out Of My Comfort Zone


I stepped out of my own comfort zone10 years ago to be on the edge exploring the area of Reputation and all the huge possibilities that it opens up. Driven by curiosity and my passion I have been on this trip ever since and it has been worth every second of it. I have met, and keep meeting, intriguing people who have been contributing with so many great ideas. It’s a great privilege to be able to create a unique concept that I with humility see is affecting the professional lives of so many.

Ten years ago I wrote my first book “The Myths Of Effective Recruitment” where I for the first time, among other things, challenged the effectiveness of the traditional CV. To my great surprise it was nominated among best books in the HR area in 2005. It’s actually not until today that I see headlines in major newspapers like ” The Resumé Is Messing Up Recruitment” and “Reputation Is Your Resumé”. One lesson that I’ve learned on my entrepreneurial trip is that when people think that you are crazy, you know that you are on the right track – just keep going.

The journey goes on looking into all the new possibilities that the concept of Your Professional Reputation creates for you as an entrepreneur, consultant, leader or employee yearning for new exciting things in your business or work life.



The Expert That Becomes Top Of Mind


There is one thing that has been on my mind for a long time. It’s what key factors that are involved in positioning you as the expert that will be top of mind in your field. To be the expert that people will listen to and choose.

I would suggest four strategies that will really make a difference.

Know and expand your reputation. It’s vital to be aware of what your reputation looks like since it’s your highest valued possession and it always walks ahead of you. Once you are aware of every angle of it, you can expand it by building on your perceived strengths and use your full potential.

Narrow your expertise. Of course, this is a vital part of your reputation in order to be top of mind. Today it’s crucial to narrow your expertise to be really good in one area. This is where your ambition, talents and passion join forces to create great stuff. You don’t have to strive for being the best, instead stand out as unique, being on the edge. Use your ‘stop doing list’ to gradually get rid of things and circumstances that don’t support this ambition.

What your clients can expect from you. Consider carefully what your clients can expect from you in the year to come, based on the perceived strengths of your reputation. Promote it in a trustworthy way and build your credibility by living up to it. Combined with your reputation, this is what your clients are actually buying today.

Be visible. Being visible with books, keynotes and articles on social media is of course crucial. To me it’s important to start offline with the key factors above before you build your strategy online. In this way you can really expand your reputation being consistent in using the tools that you feel confident using.

It’s this simple and that hard. Of course, it’s a process that you are building over time, but don’t be surprised if you will also find a fast track using these strategies. It has been done before.

I love working with entrepreneurs


I must admit that I love working with entrepreneurs. Many see things as they are, but entrepreneurs see things as they could be. You often meet them ‘on the edge’ where exciting meetings take place. It is where their passion and ambition join forces to create great stuff, they make things happen and know their Next Big Thing.

They are the shining experts that fully live their reputation and by knowing every angle of it they inspire trust and the expectations they create attract new exciting collaborations and profitable clients.

The Midway Islands


The Midway Islands had a profound strategic importance during the Second World War. They are small islands covered with runways in every direction where the planes could refuel.

When you are midways in your life – around 55 – you should land, refuel and maybe take of in a new direction for the next 40 years or so and not only wait for retirement. You could start a part time company and design the rest of your life to make it rich and continue working for as long as you like. Today it’s mainly about getting the right tools and head for the best runway that will take you there

The Paradoxes Of Reputation


I love paradoxes because within them lies all the traditional myths that prevents us from achieving what we are aiming for and at the same time includes all the exciting possibilities that are waiting for you to explore.

The most important paradox about Reputation is that it’s at the same time your highest valued asset and your most unknown possession. When you are aware of every angle of your reputation you can start expanding and promoting it in new effective ways and stand out as the unique individual that you are. This is also the golden key that gives you an opening to the interesting challenges that lies ahead of you.

However, there are more challenging paradoxes within this crucial area. One that I often run into is that we are also to a large extent unaware of many of our vital strengths and unique qualities although it’s upon them that you get hired. Instead we have a solid focus on improving our weaknesses but I haven’t met a single person yet who got successful on their weaknesses.

And there is more to come. All research today points to the fact that your potential for the future is much more important than your track-record or business plan. Yet, whenever I bring up the question what your clients can expect from you in the year to come, the answers are always extremely vague. The great challenge that lies in this paradox is that the expectations that goes hand in hand with the perceived strengths of your reputation is actually what your clients are buying. And still, instead of promoting these crucial facts we keep on introducing what we have done in the past.MNv7WU-4T29b9CFDHrsHQJHth_PGSSjPkvD_q9KRbmE,6r9f_NgTP5rHvAV9ngq859uBSbt3cudKUPxZIatBCcQ,Z0qZExQD8d3TS30biA1EsaYogx9hPDGD_gNlJqyhs14

If you take time to reflect upon the combination of these three paradoxes you will understand why so many get stuck in a traditional mindset and the methods that have been around for to many years. I  sincerely hope that you instead will see the extremely interesting possibilities that are waiting for you around the corner. You just need to change your mindset and challenge these paradoxes.



I’m deeply impressed by Simon Sinek’s thesis that you should always start with Why before you go into the What and How you do it. Of course, this is also very relevant for my work with Your Professional Reputation and to keep this short and precise – here we go:

My work aims at getting everyone to discover and utilize their full potential. The tool is to explore and expand their perceived strengths and unique qualities forming their professional reputation and bring it out to the world.

Reputation Brings Courage


One of my clients wrote the following comment to one of my updates on LinkedIn: ”The greatest surprise is the overwhelming courage that Your Professional Reputation brings to you. Once you know what others think of your work, you’re ready to take major leaps towards your goals! I’ve done it!”.

Of course, this made me proud and I have noticed this happening on several occasions and this might be the real power of the concept. To become successful building on your unique perceived strengths, once you are aware of them

A Reputation Resumé Takes Care Of It All.


A couple of months ago you could read the headline in MIT Technical Review ”Your Reputation is Your Resumé”. Just a few days ago Leslie Gaines-Ross, expert on Reputation wrote about ”Reputation By The Speed Of Light” – we just haven´t got that much time to get our messages through. This, and many other things indicate that we need a new approach to introducing ourselves.

In my opinion, the three main key factors today are:

Reputation – how your expertise, strengths and unique qualities are perceived

Expectation – your potential – what your clients can expect that you accomplish

Trust – your credibility, living up to your reputation and expectation

This can be put together in a Reputation Resumé with five different parts with the ambition that it could be read in 30 seconds. It deals more with what you can accomplish in the future than with the past.

1. Your Professional Reputation. This is without any doubt your most valuable possession. After having it analyzed, you can present a brief description of it in five or six lines. This is not what you say about yourself but how you are perceived by your professional surroundings.

2. What can be expected from you. Research from Stanford University and Harvard Business School shows that your potential for the future is far more interesting than the things you have done in the past. This is what your clients and employer always are looking for. In the Reputation Resumé you add a brief description of the results that can be expected from you. This should be based on the perceived strengths of your reputation, since then it will take a completely new and crucial height.

3. A picture that mirrors your reputation. Please never underestimate the power of a picture. Put the description of your reputation in the hands of a gifted photographer to get that unique picture.

4. Your reputation in one sentence. To arise curiosity we also work with bringing down the individuals reputation into one sentence that also indicates what can be expected from her. In the Reputation Resumé it should be put next to the picture since they work beautifully together.

5. Track-record. Here you put in the link to your updated LinkedIn profile.

A Reputation Resumé is very effective as a presentation for consultants, it can be used on the webb and as aMNv7WU-4T29b9CFDHrsHQJHth_PGSSjPkvD_q9KRbmE,6r9f_NgTP5rHvAV9ngq859uBSbt3cudKUPxZIatBCcQ,Z0qZExQD8d3TS30biA1EsaYogx9hPDGD_gNlJqyhs14 cover letter and I also use it often as a pre-meeting document. A week before a meeting with an important new client, I email her my Reputation Resumé and so far it has been read every time before the meeting. It always initiates interesting discussions and please remember that they should be able to read it in 30 seconds. As Leslie Gaines-Ross puts it – Reputation at the speed of light.

Reputation Will Highlight Your Full Potential


Being aware of your Reputation will make a profound impact on your professional future. In business and work life your Reputation is your most important currency and it highlights your full potential. Why settle for less? People will work with you, buy from you and invest in you based upon your Reputation and no single strategy will have the same impact on your economy than this. A crucial success factor is the expectations that are closely tied to your reputation and the combination of the two will make a magnificent marketing tool.

When hiring today we are looking for potential and it´s at the same time the one thing that we don´t promote, spending so much time on history and track-record. Who do we choose for a project, to do business with or hire for a job? A person who has done great things in the past – or a person that we expect to have the potential of doing great things in the year(s) to come? Unanimous research from Stanford University and Harvard Business School shows that we are much more impressed by potential than by track record. Heidi Grant Halvorsen writes about this research in Harvard Business Review:

People are much more impressed by your potential than by your track record. It would be wise to start focusing your pitch on your future, as an individual or as a company, rather than on your past — even if that past is very impressive indeed

The greatest challenge for consultants, entrepreneurs and leaders today is to fully communicate their potential and reputation to clients, employers, investors and interesting talents.

For a couple of years now we have developed and worked with a Reputation Resumé based on the key factors showing your full potential. It combines your perceived strengths and unique qualities of your reputation – all the soft skills that effectuate results – with what the clients can expect from you. Then add a track record in form of a link to your LinkedIn profile. Your full potential to be read in 30 seconds



Building A Great Reputation


I’m kind of a nerd having focused on one exciting area in my professional life for the last ten years – the power of your professional reputation as an individual. For that reason I’m often asked if being a nerd is an advantage building a strong reputation. My answer would be yes, if you in this way are combining your passion, talents, expertise and ambition in your specific area to achieve great things. To be so good in your field so the clients or employers won’t ignore you. But of course, there are other ways.

One way to expand your reputation is realizing that your potential – what you can accomplish in the future is far more important than your history. You are never better than your next project. Try to leave your traditional focus on your history and what you have accomplished in the past and consider what expectations your clients can have from you for the future. Naturally it’s also about building trust by living up to those expectations on a constant basis.

One thing that is often overlooked is the art of getting rid of things and circumstances that might affect your reputation in a negative way. One secret to high performance is deciding what not to do in order to focus on what you are really good at and enjoy doing. Your ’stop doing list’ will come in focus here.MNv7WU-4T29b9CFDHrsHQJHth_PGSSjPkvD_q9KRbmE,6r9f_NgTP5rHvAV9ngq859uBSbt3cudKUPxZIatBCcQ,Z0qZExQD8d3TS30biA1EsaYogx9hPDGD_gNlJqyhs14

The reason why people don’t fully utilize their potential is that they are not aware of it. In order to build a great reputation it’s vital to build on your strengths. To do that you have to be aware of them and this is something that we are normally not very good at. When you know your perceived strengths and unique qualities of your reputation you have a magnificent tool expanding your reputation further.

What your customers and stakeholders are buying today is the expectation created by you, your reputation, trust and potential. This goes far beyond your expertise, credentials and your history.


There is without any doubt something exciting waiting around the corner, and it’s to a large extent an unused resource. In today’s global market, you can’t afford not to take every opportunity finding the unique things that give you competitive advantages. If you are not 100 precent aware of every angle of your reputation, your strengths and potential – how can you convince others?

Which player would you choose?


Imagine that you are a manager of a soccer team and got a lot of money to buy one player – which player would you choose? The player who scored 30 goals i the league three years ago or the player you expect to score 30 goals in the coming season?

To me the choice is simple and we just have to transfer this mindset into business life when promoting ourselves or recruiting. Of course, the absolute best thing is having a great reputation AND create these expectation for the coming year.

How do you combine and describe these crucial key factors?

Be aware of your potential


The most common reason why many don’t utilize their full potential is that they are not aware of it. If you don’t know your perceived strengths and unique qualities you don’t know what you actually could accomplish.

Many get the advice to first find out what they want and then act and I would say that today it’s the other way around. Working with reputation will give you the best available tools to put your security inside yourself and discover new possibilities by knowing your potential and how to promote it.

Do you have the courage for an exciting leap?

Reputation By The Speed Of Light

Magdalena ny PT-bild hemsidan

Leslie Gaines-Ross, expert on Reputation wrote about today’s need of Reputation by the speed of light. At the same time, telling an attractive and trustworthy story is one of our most undervalued business strategies.

Would it be possible for us to also compress a persons reputation into a mini-story in one sentence to also indicate what to expect from that person. One of my recent clients, Magdalena Bibik’s mini-story is:

With her unique passion for business, Magdalena is is dedicated to delivering with excellence – Bibik style”.

To me it creates a genuine curiosity at the speed of light.

Reputation Management Starts Offline

027 006

Reputation management is often associated with building and protecting your individual reputation online. However important that is, it’s even more important to first be aware of your reputation offline – to have it analyzed and then figure out how you in a systematical way can strengthen and promote it online.

To take the process in that order also means that you put online the things that your clients and employers are actually buying – You, Your Reputation and the Expectations that this opens up. Of course, it is crucial to be attractive on the Web, but it is even more important to live up to the expectations offline that you put online.

Reputation offers so many possibilities today and by knowing every corner of it you also get hold of all the skills that effectuate results, not only your previous experiences. To introduce these and what your clients can expect from you in  trustworthy way is Reputation Management at its best.

There Is An Ongoing Reputation Revolution


Your professional reputation and the expectations and trust that it opens up with your customers, clients and employer has the potential of changing your professional life. It’s remarkable that it’s an unexploited area considering that reputation will be the cornerstone of the economy for you as an individual and it will affect the company’s market value. There is an ongoing reputation revolution that will affect our way of thinking and acting.

Your reputation always walks ahead of you and a huge majority of the decisions about you are made when you are not present – the ’only’ thing present is your reputation. These are the moments when they are discussing if they will offer you that exciting project, new  job  or where to invest. They are the crucial moments in your career or in business life.

Your Single Best Piece of Business Advise Ever.

Magdalena PT Smile kopia

One of our clients Magdalena Bibik wrote the above headline in her blog and of course, this made me feel both proud and humble. She has previously even called me a PT for her brain. Magdalena dramatically changed her career and went into business after having completed our process of analyzing and developing her Professional Reputation four years ago.

Magdalena is now bringing her companies together into Bibik Enterprises and I´m totally convinced of her future success. She went through the same process again a couple of months ago to see how her reputation has developed over the years.

Her new tagline, which is a part of the report she gets is: ”With her unique passion for business, Magdalena is dedicated to delivering with excellence – Bibik style”. This is not what she is saying about herself, it’s her reputation – what her professional surroundings are saying about her – compressed into one sentence. It also signals the expectations that her reputation opens up. Who wouldn’t like to hire her.

You will find more about Magdalena Bibik and Bibik Enterprises here.

’Reputation is a key that opens many doors’


Idag dyker det ständigt upp artiklar om värdet av begreppet Reputation för dig som individ. I en artikel i New York Times skriver Thomas L. Friedman: 

What I want to own is my reputation, because in this hyperconnected world, reputation will give you access to all kinds of things now. … Your reputation now is like having a giant key that will allow you to open more and more doors.” 

Ditt professionella rykte ligger i händerna på andra – det handlar inte om vad du säger om dig själv utan hur andra upplever dig. Thomas skriver i artikeln att han vill ta ägarskap över sitt professionella rykte och det kan man göra först  när man känner varje vrå av det. Då öppnas det också upp väldigt många nya möjligheter som vi inte trodde var möjliga.

Individual Reputation And The Three Winners


Which are the most important reasons for letting your key employees analyze and develop their professional reputation? I was asked this question during an interview recently and this is of course a most relevant question. In my opinion, it is the most profitable strategies that you can engage upon within a company.

The first reason for this bold statement is that, according to research, more than 60 percent of a company’s market value is tied to its reputation and it’s the key employees who are shaping it. 90 percent of investors state that they are making their decisions based upon reputation and the expectations going with it. Great economic value are at stake here and individual reputation will be a dominant factor.

My second argument in the interview was that by knowing the perceived strengths and unique qualities of your key employee’s you will be able to fully utilize their potential. They will be able to put words to what the company and customers can expect from them and by knowing their reputation it will take a completely new height.  

The third reason I introduced was that working with reputation builds attraction among both clients and the talents that you want to bring into the company. Exceptional talents will find reputation attractive and of course the recruitment process will be both easier and more effective.

When your key employees know the strengths and unique qualities of their reputation you can introduce a face to face discussion about the three winners – the employee, the company and the customers. You will have two motivated persons in a meeting with a great potential for the company.

Medarbetarnas rykte avgör företagets framgång.

DSC_0054 Tillsammans utan tagline för webVilka är de tre viktigaste skälen för att ett företag ska låta nyckelmedarbetarna arbeta med sitt professionella rykte? Frågan ställdes idag under en intervju och videoinspelning med företaget Thelimehouse och det är naturligtvis en ytterst relevant fråga. Jag vill påstå att det är den enskilt mest lönsamma strategi som man  kan arbeta med inom ett företag. 

Det första jag tog upp var att, enligt forskning, så ligger minst 60 procent av ett företags marknadsvärde i dess rykte och det är nyckelmedarbetarna som skapar stora delar av detta. Det står stora ekonomiska värden på spel här.

Det andra är att, först när man känner de upplevda styrkorna och unika kvaliteterna hos nyckelmedarbetare, så kommer man fullt ut att kunna nyttja deras potential. Risken är annars att man blir underutnyttjad och på sikt stagnerar i sin profession.

Det tredje argumentet är att detta angreppssätt skapar en stor attraktivitet både hos kunder och den talang som man vill locka till sig för att utveckla företaget. Ett företag där nyckelmedarbetarna har ett starkt professionellt rykte behöver inte rekrytera på traditionellt sätt, man blir attraktiv och intressant talang söker sig till företaget. Den ekonomiska vinsten här är naturligtvis ovärderlig.

När medarbetarna känner sina styrkor och unika kvaliteter, då kan man också omforma de traditionella och lite slentrianmässiga medarbetarsamtalen till ett konkret och effektivt samtal  kring tre vinnare – jag som medarbetare, kunden och företaget – alla ska bli vinnare. Dessa samtal blir mycket konstruktiva, man får två motiverade parter att mötas och skapar en stor utvecklingspotential för företaget.

Din expertis kan aldrig stå ensam

file7121342400901Din expertis kan aldrig stå ensam, naturligtvis är den viktig, men i sig garanterar den inget och att bara luta sig mot denna skapar idag problem. Det behövs något som turboladdar den och omvandlar den till handling med ett framgångsrikt resultat.

Det behövs en perfekt mix av erfarenhet, personliga styrkor och unika kvaliteter. Allt detta förenas i ditt professionella rykte där du får hela paketet presenterat på ett trovärdigt sätt.

Det finns ett 25-tal viktiga nyckelfaktorer involverade, men oftast introducerar vi bara högst en handfull.

Jag älskar att arbeta med entreprenörer

WindJag måste erkänna att jag älskar att arbeta med entreprenörer. Många ser saker som de är men entreprenörer ser ofta saker som de skulle kunna vara.

De finns ofta “on the edge, där passionen finns och spännande möten sker, de får saker att hända och ofta vet de sin nästa stora grej. Entreprenörer är också fullt ut sitt professionella rykte.

När man känner varje vrå av detta så byggs förtroende och förväntan och det skapas stora möjligheter att attrahera nya intressanta samarbeten och lönsamma kunder. 

Förväntan inför framtiden eller historiska fakta?

Sitting_on_the_grassEF_5024Vem väljer vi för ett projekt, att göra affärer med eller för ett intressant jobb? En person som har åstadkommit stora saker tidigare, eller den person som har potential att göra det i framtiden?

Lek med tanken att du leder ett professionellt fotbollslag och ska köpa in en spelare – köper du då den som gjorde 30 mål i serien för tre år sedan, eller den du förväntar kan göra 30 mål kommande säsong? Valet är väl ganska enkelt och det gäller bara att överföra detta till näringslivet och när du söker uppdrag.

Forskning från Stanford University och Harvard Business School visar entydigt att din potential gör ett mycket större intryck än ditt track record när man väljer.

Reputation, förväntan och livskvalitet

charmaineswart_s_280Trenden är tydlig, vi startar i allt större utsträckning mikroföretag, lever på det enklare sätt som vi vill på attraktiva platser och säljer våra tjänster. Med dagens teknologi blir detta en maktfaktor att räkna med där vi också kan gå ihop i globala nätverksföretag för att snabbt komma åt spännande uppdrag där de större företagen inte hinner med eller inte har samma intressanta kompetens att erbjuda.

Det behövs då nya och trovärdiga sätt att marknadsföra sig. Ditt rykte, den förväntan och förtroende som detta skapar blir de nya nyckelfaktorerna och Reputation Resumés det nya verktyget.

Från Reputation Resumés till Reputation Dashboards.

musicians_in_prague-1En av mina samarbetspartners ville ha ett citat från mitt budskap med Your Professional Reputation till en föreläsning och hon fick några. Hon gjorde denna sammanfattning:

What your customers and stakeholders are buying today is the expectation created by you, your reputation, trust and potential.This goes far beyond your expertise, credentials and your history.

Detta sammanfattar väl det enkla, naturliga och effektiva i det jag vill föra ut. Jag ser hur detta kan ta utvecklingen vidare via de Reputation Resumés vi arbetar med idag till Reputation Dashboards på nätet. Vilken hissnande utveckling

Är din högst värderade tillgång också din mest okända?

file000111584763Det är ytterst sällan som man kan påvisa ett så stort substantiellt och ekonomiskt värde av en enskild strategi eller åtgärd som med begreppet Reputation. Helt nya perspektiv öppnas upp i dagens affärsliv och vinsterna kan bli avsevärda.

Som konsult, entreprenör eller ledare så lever du helt på ditt professionella rykte. Det är din mest värdefulla och högst värderade tillgång och samtidigt paradoxalt nog den mest okända. Det kan vara hög tid att ändra på detta nu när omvärldens behov förändras så snabbt.

Din tagline – ditt professionella rykte och förväntan i en mening

Tag2jpgLåt mig bara konstatera att vi inte längre har tid att läsa så långa presentationer. En av våra utmaningar när vi arbetar med individers professionella rykte är att också komprimera detta till en mening – din tagline.

Denna ska samtidigt också indikera den viktiga förväntan som du kan skapa.Men det avgörande är att det är inget du säger om sig själv – det är hur du upplevs av sin professionella omgivning, det är genuint, trovärdigt och attraktivt. En bra bild och tagline  blir ett spännande litet marknadsföringsverktyg i sig. På samma sätt kan man arbeta med en company tagline.


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