Reputation Brings Courage

One of my clients wrote the following comment to one of my updates on LinkedIn: ”The greatest surprise is the overwhelming courage that Your Professional Reputation brings to you. Once you know what others think of your work,… Read More

Building A Great Reputation

I’m kind of a nerd having focused on one exciting area in my professional life for the last ten years – the power of your professional reputation as an individual. For that reason I’m often asked if being… Read More

Be aware of your potential

The most common reason why many don’t utilize their full potential is that they are not aware of it. If you don’t know your perceived strengths and unique qualities you don’t know what you actually could accomplish. Many… Read More

Från Reputation Resumés till Reputation Dashboards.

En av mina samarbetspartners ville ha ett citat från mitt budskap med Your Professional Reputation till en föreläsning och hon fick några. Hon gjorde denna sammanfattning: ”What your customers and stakeholders are buying today is the expectation created… Read More

Din tagline – ditt professionella rykte och förväntan i en mening

Låt mig bara konstatera att vi inte längre har tid att läsa så långa presentationer. En av våra utmaningar när vi arbetar med individers professionella rykte är att också komprimera detta till en mening – din tagline. Denna… Read More

Vinnare slutar hela tiden

Vi hör ofta att vinnare aldrig ger upp – ’winners never quit and quitters never win’. Det tillhör en av de myter som vi ofta accepterar och styrs av. Vinnare slutar nämligen hela tiden, men man slutar med… Read More

Bli känd för det du inte gjort – än

Den största utmaningen idag är att kommunicera sitt värde på ett trovärdigt sätt och det görs paradoxalt nog inte bäst genom att enbart marknadsföra dig själv. Att beskriva hur du kan göra dina kunder framgångsrika är en intressant,… Read More

Ditt rykte går alltid före dig

En mycket stor majoritet av besluten om dig fattas när du inte är närvarande – det “enda” som är närvarande är ditt professionella rykte. Detta är ögonblicken när dina kunder diskuterar om man ska ge dig det spännande… Read More

The magic symbiosis between reputation and expectation

What your customers are buying from you as a consultant or entrepreneur is the expectations that you create for the future. In spite of this we very seldom promote it, we just introduce track-record and historical facts. As… Read More

A great business idea

Everyone that we meet today agree upon the vast value of their reputation, yet nobody knows what it looks like and as far as we know we are the only ones that work with it in this systematic… Read More

Are top executives utilizing the reputation possibilities?

Fifty percent of the corporate reputation is tied to the reputation of the CEO and top executives. Corporate reputation has today top priority among leaders around the world, yet very few are aware of their own reputation or… Read More

Launching a new website

We are very proud to relaunch our international website on Your Professional Reputation. Our ambition is to reach interesting and interested people in different countries around the world with the huge possibilities that lies in your professional reputation… Read More

I want to talk to Richard Branson.

When I get the opportunity, I initially would like to thank him for inspiring me by the way he keeps shaking up a lot of traditional businesses making them fun and profitable. And I want to thank him… Read More

The four P’s of Reputation

If I was invited to introduce Your Professional Reputation in one sentence, I would say that it’s about four P’s – Personal strengths, Performance and Potential as Perceived by colleagues and customers. Add to this the expectation that… Read More

A question that will affect your professional future

Richard Branson recently said in an interview: ”Your brand or your name is simply your reputation, you have to fight in life to protect that as it means everything. Nothing is more important – it is your most… Read More

Let’s talk about reputation

We are now launching Let’s talk about reputation – roundtable discussions around the great possibilities in reputation och the first was completed in London. The number of participants is limited to 8-10 on each occasion och it’s tailor… Read More

Three questions that are vital to your reputation

I have always liked the elegance of simplicity. If you just consider and work on these three questions, they will have a vital impact on your reputation and on your success as an individual. Do you know your… Read More

Are you looking for attractive talents in the wrong way?

Spent last evening on a seminar by Grant Thornton and one of the problems that was discussed was how hard it is to find the right talents today. It will be even harder in the near future. To… Read More

Let’s talk about Reputation in London

One of our “Let’s talk about reputation” was launched together with Barry O’Brien in London yesterday. The general idea is to get 8-10 people together in a room and for a couple of hours to discuss the vital… Read More

Be so good that you can’t be ignored.

In a previous blog, I wrote about my ambition to be the best in my area of expertise, but I have changed perspectives. To be the best is a matter of comparing – and comparing to whom and… Read More

Take your LinkedIn profile from history to the important future

Research from Stanford University and Harvard Business School points to the fact that your potential for the future and desire to make your customers successful is much more important than your history. What your clients buy is the… Read More

Individual reputation is a dominant factor.

Reputation is the number one in Europe when it comes to what leaders and consultants pinpoint as most important today. Global finance leaders put reputation before profit in the long time perspective. Economists in the US are estimating… Read More

To introduce your potential in a trustworthy way

Your potential to solve your clients problems and add substantial value is always No 1 when we are picked for an important assignment or project. The main question is – how can you in a trustworthy way introduce… Read More

Reputation and expectation – together they create real power.

Reputation is without any doubt your most valuable and highest valued asset, yet very few are aware of what it looks like. Expectations is what your clients are buying into and go crazy about and was the reason… Read More

You will always be second to arrive

Most of the decisions about you are made when you are not present – the ”only” thing present is your reputation. These are the moments when your customers discuss if they will offer you that exciting project or… Read More

Threats to your individual reputation

Warren Buffet, one of the most successful businessmen i the US says: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”. You can loose… Read More

Three questions that will determine your reputation.

I have always liked the elegance of simplicity. I would say that there are three questions that are crucial for developing your reputation as an individual with the potential of determining your professional future. Are you aware of… Read More

The Reputation Resume

I have been asked so many questions about the Reputation Resume since we launched it a a couple of years ago – and we see exciting results. This is  the document we use to promote your reputation and… Read More

The power of inspiration

What clients care the most about are the things that touch, move and inspire them. They make their decisions based on emotions and after that they look for the logical facts that support their decisions. Companies that grow… Read More

Let’s talk about Reputation

I invite you to join me in 2014 for roundtable discussions on this crucial subject. There will be a maximum of 8 participants on each occasion and it can be tailor-made for your management team, board of directors… Read More


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