Reputation Brings Courage


One of my clients wrote the following comment to one of my updates on LinkedIn: ”The greatest surprise is the overwhelming courage that Your Professional Reputation brings to you. Once you know what others think of your work, you’re ready to take major leaps towards your goals! I’ve done it!”.

Of course, this made me proud and I have noticed this happening on several occasions and this might be the real power of the concept. To become successful building on your unique perceived strengths, once you are aware of them

Building A Great Reputation


I’m kind of a nerd having focused on one exciting area in my professional life for the last ten years – the power of your professional reputation as an individual. For that reason I’m often asked if being a nerd is an advantage building a strong reputation. My answer would be yes, if you in this way are combining your passion, talents, expertise and ambition in your specific area to achieve great things. To be so good in your field so the clients or employers won’t ignore you. But of course, there are other ways.

One way to expand your reputation is realizing that your potential – what you can accomplish in the future is far more important than your history. You are never better than your next project. Try to leave your traditional focus on your history and what you have accomplished in the past and consider what expectations your clients can have from you for the future. Naturally it’s also about building trust by living up to those expectations on a constant basis.

One thing that is often overlooked is the art of getting rid of things and circumstances that might affect your reputation in a negative way. One secret to high performance is deciding what not to do in order to focus on what you are really good at and enjoy doing. Your ’stop doing list’ will come in focus here.MNv7WU-4T29b9CFDHrsHQJHth_PGSSjPkvD_q9KRbmE,6r9f_NgTP5rHvAV9ngq859uBSbt3cudKUPxZIatBCcQ,Z0qZExQD8d3TS30biA1EsaYogx9hPDGD_gNlJqyhs14

The reason why people don’t fully utilize their potential is that they are not aware of it. In order to build a great reputation it’s vital to build on your strengths. To do that you have to be aware of them and this is something that we are normally not very good at. When you know your perceived strengths and unique qualities of your reputation you have a magnificent tool expanding your reputation further.

What your customers and stakeholders are buying today is the expectation created by you, your reputation, trust and potential. This goes far beyond your expertise, credentials and your history.


There is without any doubt something exciting waiting around the corner, and it’s to a large extent an unused resource. In today’s global market, you can’t afford not to take every opportunity finding the unique things that give you competitive advantages. If you are not 100 precent aware of every angle of your reputation, your strengths and potential – how can you convince others?

Be aware of your potential


The most common reason why many don’t utilize their full potential is that they are not aware of it. If you don’t know your perceived strengths and unique qualities you don’t know what you actually could accomplish.

Many get the advice to first find out what they want and then act and I would say that today it’s the other way around. Working with reputation will give you the best available tools to put your security inside yourself and discover new possibilities by knowing your potential and how to promote it.

Do you have the courage for an exciting leap?

Från Reputation Resumés till Reputation Dashboards.

musicians_in_prague-1En av mina samarbetspartners ville ha ett citat från mitt budskap med Your Professional Reputation till en föreläsning och hon fick några. Hon gjorde denna sammanfattning:

What your customers and stakeholders are buying today is the expectation created by you, your reputation, trust and potential.This goes far beyond your expertise, credentials and your history.

Detta sammanfattar väl det enkla, naturliga och effektiva i det jag vill föra ut. Jag ser hur detta kan ta utvecklingen vidare via de Reputation Resumés vi arbetar med idag till Reputation Dashboards på nätet. Vilken hissnande utveckling

Din tagline – ditt professionella rykte och förväntan i en mening

Tag2jpgLåt mig bara konstatera att vi inte längre har tid att läsa så långa presentationer. En av våra utmaningar när vi arbetar med individers professionella rykte är att också komprimera detta till en mening – din tagline.

Denna ska samtidigt också indikera den viktiga förväntan som du kan skapa.Men det avgörande är att det är inget du säger om sig själv – det är hur du upplevs av sin professionella omgivning, det är genuint, trovärdigt och attraktivt. En bra bild och tagline  blir ett spännande litet marknadsföringsverktyg i sig. På samma sätt kan man arbeta med en company tagline.

Vinnare slutar hela tiden

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVi hör ofta att vinnare aldrig ger upp – ’winners never quit and quitters never win’. Det tillhör en av de myter som vi ofta accepterar och styrs av. Vinnare slutar nämligen hela tiden, men man slutar med rätt saker vid rätt tillfälle.

Framstående management tänkare som Tom Peters, Seth Godin och Jim Collins, har en sak gemensamt när de säger att: “The secret to high performance among individuals is deciding what not to do.”.

Genom att arbeta bort saker så drivs du mot områden där du är som bäst, där din ambition, passion och expertis möts. Du blir helt enkelt väldigt bra och anlitad

Bli känd för det du inte gjort – än

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADen största utmaningen idag är att kommunicera sitt värde på ett trovärdigt sätt och det görs paradoxalt nog inte bäst genom att enbart marknadsföra dig själv.

Att beskriva hur du kan göra dina kunder framgångsrika är en intressant, naturlig och effektiv strategi. Om du kan backa upp detta med ditt professionella rykte, din potential och vilja att lyckas, då kan du bli känd för det du inte gjort – än. Ditt professionella rykte och den förväntan som detta skapar blir en näst intill magisk symbios som lyfter varandra.

Ditt rykte går alltid före dig

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEn mycket stor majoritet av besluten om dig fattas när du inte är närvarande – det “enda” som är närvarande är ditt professionella rykte. Detta är ögonblicken när dina kunder diskuterar om man ska ge dig det spännande projektet, jobbet eller var man ska investera. Det här är ögonblicken där du värderas – alla dessa avgörande tillfällen i din karriär eller i ditt affärsliv.

Hur väl känner du ditt professionella rykte och den förväntan som detta skapar. Det är det man fattar besluten på och påverkar stakt din professionella framtid.

The magic symbiosis between reputation and expectation

IMG_9727What your customers are buying from you as a consultant or entrepreneur is the expectations that you create for the future. In spite of this we very seldom promote it, we just introduce track-record and historical facts.

As a consultant or entrepreneur, you are your reputation, it’s the one thing which everything in your business life and career revolves around. In spite of this very few are aware of what it looks like.

There is magic in the symbiosis between these two. They constantly co-operate and create a powerful and very seldom used power of attraction on your customers.

When you know your perceived strengths and unique qualities of your reputation, you can take a new and exciting hight when describing what your customers can expect from you in your next assignment or in the year to come. Your reputation will create credibility and the guarantee that you also will live up to it.

A great business idea

BildEveryone that we meet today agree upon the vast value of their reputation, yet nobody knows what it looks like and as far as we know we are the only ones that work with it in this systematic way. Sounds like a great business idea, eh?

We also on a daily basis see articles in newspapers and watch interviews stating that reputation is your most valuable and highest valued asset and how it has come into focus in every part of your professional life. Today we can also put forward our experience after working with more than 900 people in different countries – analyzing, developing and assisting in promoting their reputation.

Curious about our business idea? Well – let’s talk about reputation.

Are top executives utilizing the reputation possibilities?

bildFifty percent of the corporate reputation is tied to the reputation of the CEO and top executives. Corporate reputation has today top priority among leaders around the world, yet very few are aware of their own reputation or the the reputation of the top executives. There are huge economical values at stake here. 

This possibility – and risk – ought to be a priority at meetings with the management team or the boards. Nine out of ten investors states that they are basing their decisions on the CEOs and top executives reputation and the expectations that it creates.

I would also suggest that it’s time for top executives to stop isolating themselves from social media. Only one out of five use this huge possibility today. Their customers and employees are on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn using the possibility to interact, embrace the brand and reach customers, employees and investors. Jessica  Meher from Hubspot states:

”Out of all the people within a company that should be most present where millions of customers, prospects, suppliers, shareholders, and employees interact, you would think the head honcho would be one of them.”

Successful business leaders have seen this great possibility. Richard Branson has understood and today he has over 5 millions followers on social media and Arianna Huffington has almost 2 millions. This is real power!

It’s all about credibility, transparency and reputation. It’s very seldom that one single strategy has such a substantial economical value as the power of reputation.

Launching a new website

IMG_9840-11-968x500We are very proud to relaunch our international website on Your Professional Reputation. Our ambition is to reach interesting and interested people in different countries around the world with the huge possibilities that lies in your professional reputation on an individual level.

Your professional reputation as an individual is without any doubt your most valuable and highest valued possession. What has surprised us during the last fee years is that everyone that we meet agrees upon the huge value of their reputation, but surprisingly few are aware of what it looks like and the huge possibilities that it creates. Yet, reputation is today on everyone’s lips.

As you can read in our Story, it took us ten years to develop and try out this concept and with the experience of working with almost a thousand people for the last five years in different countries we see exciting results. We also see the elegance in the simplicity of the concept and how reputation and the expectations that it creates can take you to a new level and stand out as unique.

Feel free to contact us for further information and discussions.

So, let’s talk about reputation.

I want to talk to Richard Branson.

imagesWhen I get the opportunity, I initially would like to thank him for inspiring me by the way he keeps shaking up a lot of traditional businesses making them fun and profitable. And I want to thank him for putting me on the right track in my own company when he stated in an interview that his reputation was his most valuable and highest valued possession. Working with reputation has been my line of business ever since.

I want to discuss with Richard Branson his important projects with young entrepreneurs and startups.  I want them to understand how they can promote themselves and their businesses in new effective ways by combining their reputation with the expectation they want to create for the future. To make them be famous for what they actually haven’t done yet. I want to help creating success for young entrepreneurs so they don’t fall into the same old traps that so many have done before. I want to make them to stand out as the unique persons that they are and fully utilize their potential.

The four P’s of Reputation

file7401338564644If I was invited to introduce Your Professional Reputation in one sentence, I would say that it’s about four P’s – Personal strengths, Performance and Potential as Perceived by colleagues and customers. Add to this the expectation that you want to create towards your clients future and you will have a first class tool of promotion.

Today it’s all about simplicity, time and effectiveness. I want to continue, in a humble way, to challenge traditional management models based on complexity when I so often see that the solutions lie in the pure elegance of simplicity. I want to challenge the traditional ways of recruiting that are based on historical and logical facts, when success depends on quiet different factors.

Above all, I want to challenge you as a consultant, leader, entrepreneur or employee to stand out as  the unique persons that you are – to have great tools to attract new exciting customers or careers and fully use your unique qualities.

For those reasons, the most exciting part of my journey with Your Professional Reputation still lies ahead of me.

A question that will affect your professional future

IMG_1088Richard Branson recently said in an interview: ”Your brand or your name is simply your reputation, you have to fight in life to protect that as it means everything. Nothing is more important – it is your most valuable  and highly valued possession

Your professional reputation determines your success at work, in your career and how you will succeed as a consultant, leader, employee or entrepreneur. It determines whom customers will listen to, trust – and whom they will choose. Can anything be more profitable to analyze and develop than this?

Victor Cheng, a well-known mentor for top consultants in Seattle writes: “Your reputation is everything. It is the one thing by which everything else in your career revolves around.

How well do you know your professional reputation?

That question will determine your professional future.

You are always second to arrive – your reputation always precedes you. A huge majority of the decisions about you are made when you are not present – the ”only” thing present is your professional reputation. These are the moments when your clients or employer are discussing if they will offer you that exciting project job, or considering you for new possibilities within the company. These are the moments when you are valued – all these decisive moments in your career and in your business life.bild

You will not be successful unless you are valued by others since they are the persons who hire you, promote you, spread your message and applaud you. Do you want to take control or take your chances? Do you know every part of your professional reputation?

Everyone that we meet, agrees upon the vast value of their professional reputation but surprisingly few are aware of what it looks like and the huge possibilities that it creates. Your reputation is not what you say about yourself or what different tests show. It’s how your talents, expertise, personal strengths and unique qualities are perceived by others. The truth is always in the eyes of the beholder.

Let’s talk about reputation


We are now launching Let’s talk about reputation - roundtable discussions around the great possibilities in reputation och the first was completed in London.

The number of participants is limited to 8-10 on each occasion och it’s tailor made for management teams, groups of consultants or the team that you want to put together for this occasion. Estimated time is 2-3 hours, and the return of investment is great.

What you can expect from ’Let’s talk about reputation’

▶︎ Get an understanding how vital your professional reputation is for you as an individual and for the company. Understand the key factors that create your reputation and how you can influence them.

▶︎ Talk about what expectations your reputation creates among your colleagues, customers and potential investors. What expectations do you want to create? It’s the combination between reputation and expectation that makes you as an individual or company attractive, not what you have accomplished earlier. What are you promoting today – historical facts or your potential for the future.

▶︎ Talk about how this can affect the company. There are great values at stake here and the profits could be substantial. Reputation will be the cornerstone in yours and the company’s economy and the global PR company Kreab Gavin & Aderson writes: Individual reputation will be a dominant factor in the future”

Leslie Gains Ross, Chief Reputation Strategist in Weber Shandwik: ”Companies should therefore not only invest in corporate reputation for the long-term, but also in the reputation of executives to maximize the chances of providing maximum competitive advantage.”


Three questions that are vital to your reputation

NinoAndonis_Paris-3I have always liked the elegance of simplicity. If you just consider and work on these three questions, they will have a vital impact on your reputation and on your success as an individual.

Do you know your reputation as of now. The truth is always in the eyes of the beholder. Here you will get the whole package of the key factors that create your reputation and is also vital for effectuating results. To be aware of your reputation is the starting point of a very exciting process that will bring you into new possibilities.

What expectations will your reputation and potential arise with your customers and what expectations do you want to create? This is what your customers are buying from you, so it’s time to switch perspectives and mindset from promoting historical facts to what you van accomplish in the near future. Reputation and expectation is a golden combination when it comes to individual marketing. When you know your reputation, this will take a completely new hight.

What is your next big thing in your own professional life? What do you want to accomplish the next 1-3 years? This will affect your reputation and prevent you from ending up in the stagnation trap. In this question also lies what you want to stop doing to be able to focus and be so good that they can’t ignore you. Three management icons – Tom Peters, Seth Godin and Jim Collins have one thing in common when they say: “The secret to high performance among individuals is deciding what not to do”. 

Are you looking for attractive talents in the wrong way?

file4621259605157Spent last evening on a seminar by Grant Thornton and one of the problems that was discussed was how hard it is to find the right talents today. It will be even harder in the near future. To me it’s all about what you are looking for and how you are looking. 

If ambition, personal strengths, credibility, potential and unique qualities are not at the top of your list when you are looking for new talents, you will never find them. You should attract the irreplaceable who constantly challenges the mediocre – those who deep inside know that they can change the way things work. People with potential who probably never had to write a CV. Many see things the way they are, these people see things as it could be.

Recruitment will be done in new ways from now on. Start considering the reputation of top executives as a way to attract talented people.

Let’s talk about Reputation in London

file1601270417490One of our “Let’s talk about reputation” was launched together with Barry O’Brien in London yesterday. The general idea is to get 8-10 people together in a room and for a couple of hours to discuss the vital importance of reputation. Of course, I take the opportunity to introduce our way of thinking about reputation on an individual level and it should be the theme running through the discussions – and how it in different ways will affect the corporate reputation. There is a lot of money at stake here.

My goal, besides spreading our message is to listen and learn from people with experience in bildother fields of reputation and see what turns up. Yesterday we met people with experience from different lines of Reputation management online and experiences from being CEO’s. We also met LinkedIn experts and we really got some great discussions going and our Reputation Resumé attracted some great interest.

Thank you Barry and all the rest of you who joined me for this discussion. Next time will be in Stockholm.

Be so good that you can’t be ignored.

styreromIn a previous blog, I wrote about my ambition to be the best in my area of expertise, but I have changed perspectives. To be the best is a matter of comparing – and comparing to whom and what? Instead it’s about, as Cal Newport puts it, to be so good that you can’t be ignored. And of course, it’s about arising expectations with my skills and personal strengths. To make this possible, my way is focusing on one distinct area where I also find my passion and dig deep into it.

As I´m aware of my reputation, one way is living up to my tagline (my reputation in one sentence as perceived by others) that says: ”Considered a pioneer in his field, Per takes your professional reputation to a new dimension and challenges you to stand out as unique

My main goal is delivering unique value with Your Professional Reputation, and taking everyone to a new level by understanding the exceptional power of their reputation. I actually want to challenge you to stand out as the unique person that you are or have the possibility to be.

Take your LinkedIn profile from history to the important future

file0001722644561Research from Stanford University and Harvard Business School points to the fact that your potential for the future and desire to make your customers successful is much more important than your history. What your clients buy is the expectation that you arise with your experience, ambition, strengths and unique qualities. They buy You, Your reputation and Potential for the future.

Much of your LinkedIn profile is built on history and however important that is, it is what you want to and can accomplish in the future that is what matters to your clients. If you have analyzed and know the strengths of your professional reputation, the expectations that you want to arise with your clients can take a new and exciting hight.

Where can you put this on your LinkedIn profile? Personally I use the Summery since it comes directly under the head of your profile. To me that is the most interesting part to read. You can look at my LinkedIn profile at to see how I have done

Individual reputation is a dominant factor.

file2521309901957Reputation is the number one in Europe when it comes to what leaders and consultants pinpoint as most important today. Global finance leaders put reputation before profit in the long time perspective.

Economists in the US are estimating that 75 percent of a company’s real value is tied to it’s reputation – this is the value at stake today. In my opinion a company’s reputation is formed by the key employees. As a consultant, leader or an entrepreneur I would say that the value of your reputation to the company is close to 100 percent.

Together with others the well known international PR consultancy Kreab Gavin & Anderson focus on the crucial key factor, when stating: ”Individual reputation will become a dominant factor in the future”. A company’s reputation is about the key employees – today we don’t trust companies, we trust the employee we do business with.

This opens up up entirely new perspectives in business, and the profit could be substantial. Rachel Botsman said in one of her TED talks “I believe reputation capital will become a cornerstone of the 21st-century economy.”

To introduce your potential in a trustworthy way

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYour potential to solve your clients problems and add substantial value is always No 1 when we are picked for an important assignment or project. The main question is – how can you in a trustworthy way introduce your potential to important customers? In order to do this in the best possible way, you should consider two things.

Your professional reputation. This is how your potential is perceived by your clients, colleagues and your professional surroundings. It is your perceived expertise, strengths and unique qualities. The truth is always in the eyes of the beholder. For some strange reason we are downright poor at understanding our own strengths – and what could be more beneficial than those since they are the reason that you are hired.

Your desire to make your customer successful. Your talents, expertise and experience are of course valuable, but it is your ambition that takes you all the way. An important part of your potential is what you really want to accomplish for your customer, the results you want to create and the expectations that you want to arise.

Your reputation and potential is without any doubt the key factors to be top of mind – to be the person that your clients first will think of, trust and choose.

Reputation and expectation – together they create real power.

IMAG0146Reputation is without any doubt your most valuable and highest valued asset, yet very few are aware of what it looks like. Expectations is what your clients are buying into and go crazy about and was the reason why millions queued up for the iPhone before it was even launched the first time.

Whether you are a leader, consultant or entrepreneur you can use this combination that creates so much power. When you know your professional reputation you will also be aware of your real strengths and unique qualities. Then it’s high time to dig into the interesting and exciting task of designing and describing what your clients can expect from you in the year to come. Bring your unique strengths and your will to make your clients successful into it. Keep it short and remember that your clients are much more impressed by your potential than by your track-record. Your next big thing for your clients will make a greater impact than what you have done in the past.

And of course you have to live up to these expectations. When you know your reputation it will support this process it in a trustworthy way. Vice versa – these expectations will also affect your reputation, that’s why they are tied so closely together and create real power.

You will always be second to arrive

Delivery of DiscoveryMost of the decisions about you are made when you are not present – the ”only” thing present is your reputation.

These are the moments when your customers discuss if they will offer you that exciting project or job, or when they consider you for new possibilities within the company. These are the moments when you are valued – all these decisive  decisive moments in your career and in your business life.

Wherever you go, you will always be second to arrive – your reputation always precedes you and you are always valued by others. It’s others that applaud you, recommend you and hire you.

The important question is – do you want to take your chances or take control? Do you know every part of your reputation – the things that the decision or recommendation is based upon.

Threats to your individual reputation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWarren Buffet, one of the most successful businessmen i the US says: “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently”. You can loose money many times but loosing your reputation can ruin all your efforts.

There are many threats to your individual reputation and of course, not knowing your strengths and reputation are two of the most important. Only when you know these can you fully add value, otherwise you will be undervalued and your capabilities will not be fully used. Of course it will affect your reputation.

But there is a threat that is not always so obvious and comes creeping – the stagnation trap.

If you start to feel an ongoing stagnation in your job and don’t get what you want from your talents, passion and ambition, your reputation will be affected and you will eventually loose in credibility. The important question is – are you where you want to be or where you have to be. If you are not where you want to be, you can do something about it – or rather you should do something about it. Your reputation is at stake here – it is constantly valued.

Gary Vaynerchuck, wine entrepreneur and an Internet icon, said a couple of years ago i one of his seminars: “Stop doing stuff you hate, there is no reason today to do things you hate just because you call it work. If you don’ t like your job – get the hell out of there.”

It is that simple – and that hard.

Can you complain about your job and still decide to stay on? Your credibility is at stake here and this is very important part of your reputation.

Three questions that will determine your reputation.

file7121342400901I have always liked the elegance of simplicity. I would say that there are three questions that are crucial for developing your reputation as an individual with the potential of determining your professional future.

Are you aware of all the parts of your reputation as an individual? It is your most valuable possession and most highly valued asset. It’s the one thing that everything in your career or business life revolves around.

Which expectations do you, your reputation and potential create among your clients or colleagues? It is time to change your mindset from promoting just historical facts to potential, the results you can accomplish for your clients and your determination to succeed. What can your clients expect from you?

What do you want to stop doing? Tom Peters, Seth Godin and Jim Collins, all management- and marketing icons have one thing in common when they say: “The secret to high performance among individuals is deciding what not to do.” It´s that simple – and that hard.

These are three extremely important questions that we so seldom ask ourselves

The Reputation Resume

file0001780836836I have been asked so many questions about the Reputation Resume since we launched it a a couple of years ago – and we see exciting results. This is  the document we use to promote your reputation and potential – it puts your will to succeed in the future before what you have done in the past. In an article in Forbes Magazine they challenged the traditional CV by saying: “In 2013, the traditional resume will be replaced by the breadth and depth of your professional reputation”.

Your reputation is your most valuable and highly valued possession and it shows your perceived expertise, talents, strengths and unique qualities. It combines this with the expectations you arise – the things you want to accomplish for your customers, clients or employer in the next 12 months. To this we add your track record in form of your LinkedIn-profile. This will be a magnificent marketing tool that could be read in 30 seconds.

The Reputation Resume is also a perfect consultant presentation or can be used as a ”Pre-meeting document”. When you are about to meet with a new important possible customer, you can update her with this document a couple of days ahead. I assure you it will be an interesting meeting.

The power of inspiration

WindWhat clients care the most about are the things that touch, move and inspire them. They make their decisions based on emotions and after that they look for the logical facts that support their decisions.

Companies that grow more than 15 percent per year do it by the employees inspiring their customers. The question is what creates inspiration since you can’t be trained into being inspirational. It’s hardly the logical arguments that we so often put forward.

Customers crave for inspiration, and they look for people who can inspire them. What you want to accomplish in the future is one of the most inspirational areas of all – the things we go crazy about is your potential. This grows out of the magic combination between your experiences, talents, passion and ambition, where they join forces to create great stuff. Of course this is also a vital part of your reputation as an individual.

Let’s talk about Reputation

e-bok3I invite you to join me in 2014 for roundtable discussions on this crucial subject. There will be a maximum of 8 participants on each occasion and it can be tailor-made for your management team, board of directors or the team that you want to put together.

It will primarily be held in Swedish or English and there will also be open events in Italy in the spring.

There will be three themes running through the discussions.

- Everybody knows how critical their professional reputation is for your success as an individual, yet almost nobody knows what it looks like. It will open up many opportunities.

- Reputation in the number one in Europe when leaders are asked what is most important today. Economists in the US estimates that 75 percent of a company’s value is tied to its reputation. A company can’t have a reputation by itself – it is formed by its key employees. PR-companies are pointing at the key issue here when they say that: ”Individual reputation will be a dominant factor in the future”.

- When you know your professional reputation, you can take ownership of it and expand it. One of the most important tools in this process is to consider what expectations you can arise with your clients. It’s the future, not the past that makes you as a person, or a company interesting.

So – Let’s talk about reputation.

The first event i scheduled to take place in London on the 27th of February.


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