The Beta Paradigm – Our New Book

I have always liked to challenge traditional mindsets to find new opportunities. The world changes quickly and many management books become more or less obsolete in a short time. After […]


Let’s Go Out And Make History!

After one of my seminars, a guy from New York came up to me and said: ”There is a huge difference between the US and Sweden, when you mention the […]


An Important Note In My Moleskin

A couple of months ago I put down in my Moleskin Notebook the following sentence that I read somewhere: ”Today, the world has made it easy for us to be […]


My Next Big Thing

Ten years ago I entered upon the exciting journey that has taken me to be a nerd in the area of reputation and I keep thinking about what my next […]


Rebooting Reputation

Something has changed how business life and the business world is working today. We’re approaching turbulent times in the economy and its time to get hold of the best tools […]


What We Offer You

I was asked the other day what my company can offer and who looks us up. People who contact us have discovered how crucial their reputation is for their success […]


Happiness Engineers.

I had an issue with my WordPress account and put a question to their support and got some really nice and useful answers from one of their Happiness Engineers. What […]


Embrace imperfection.

My co-author of the book ”The Beta Paradigm” Kristina Närman wrote in  a blog about how we shouldn’t seek perfection, but instead embrace imperfection. It’s about starting before you are […]


The Reputation Incubator™

We’re living in a reputation-based economy with opportunities never seen before. So, what makes Reputation so extremely important today? Reputation is what people will expect you to accomplish next and […]


F*ck Change.

I like the way Seth Godin looks at things and, in his book ”Small is The New Big” he discusses if it’s time to get rid of the concept of […]