Embrace imperfection.

My co-author of the book ”The Beta Paradigm” Kristina Närman wrote in  a blog about how we shouldn’t seek perfection, but instead embrace imperfection. It’s about starting before you are […]


The Nerd Factor

An important part of working with and expanding your reputation is to embrace a niche, be visible as an expert, to be the person people will listen to and trust. […]


The Reputation Incubator™

We’re living in a reputation-based economy with opportunities never seen before. Let’s face it, people will buy from you, hire you or invest in you based on your reputation and […]


F*ck Change.

I like the way Seth Godin looks at things and, in his book ”Small is The New Big” he discusses if it’s time to get rid of the concept of […]


The Beta Version Of You™

Many apps on smartphones are released in Beta versions and are gradually improved. We see drastic changes heading into the Gig economy and it´s time for all of us to release […]


Cracking The Code Of Being Hired.

What key factors get you hired for an interesting assignment and project as a consultant or entrepreneur? Or hired for a job? Why is reputation is so darn important and […]


Writing A Book That’s Reinventing Itself 

I have always liked to challenge traditional mindsets to find new opportunities. The world changes quickly and many management books become more or less obsolete in a short time. After […]


Reputation vs Personal Branding

I’m often asked about the difference between personal branding and reputation and I actually think that they are two different species. If you think about developing yourself as a brand, […]


The Elegance Of Simplicity

In my opinion, we have a tendency to complicate our management models when the effectiveness lies in the elegance of simplicity. We still talk about thinking outside the box – […]


Join Us In The Barcelona Think Tank.

Imagine to go to a inspiring place with a small group of exciting people. Imagine to have the opportunity to focus 100 % on you and your business’ development. Imagine […]


Your Professional DNA

Stories are considered by many to be more powerful than brands. This is also true for you as an individual since your reputation is your professional DNA and the story […]


Flying With A Trained Pilot

People keep asking me about the balance between expertise, experience and ”soft skills” when it comes to reputation. When I fly I prefer to fly with a trained pilot and […]


Building Reputation Instead Of A Resumé

This is a time when reputation and expectation rule the market and everything revolves around it. We are in the middle of a mind-shift that takes us from promoting history […]